We are in the process of creating groups, training leaders, and getting everything ready to CONNECT YOU with others who are in similar stages of life and their journey with Jesus as you are.  

Starting March 4, 2018,  at our GROUP LINK Event, we will be launching a BRAND NEW, 10 week groups session , where you will have the chance to gather, eat, discuss, study, pray, and share life with others as you walk through "Transformed:  How God Changes Us", a study by Rick Warren.

If you are interested in LEADING A GROUP, please fill out our leaders application below.

Group Leader Application



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How often do you attend our church?*

How long have you regularly attended our church?*

At our church, we understand "tithing" (meaning "tenth") to be the biblical practice of returning 10% of one's income to God. We also understand that "offerings" are gifts in excess of one's tithe. The biblical model of giving, which is also our model *

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?*

If our church decides to endorse you as a group leader, will you submit to, at the church's expense, a background check if you haven't already?*

Are you fully supportive of, and "bought into", our vision of making guests and new people our #1 priority? And are you willing to embrace and spread our fourfould mission to INVEST, INVITE, INCLUDE, and INSTRUCT?*

Are you willing to sign our church's group leadership covenant indicating that you will work for the unity of our church by supporting its leadership and by refusing to gossip?*

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us